Did your child watch 12 hours of TV yesterday because you were too tired to tell them they couldn’t? Mine too! Have you ever been mid-car ride only to suddenly turn around and count your children, because you’re pretty sure you forgot one at home? Yup, been there. Do you frequently forget your children’s names? You’re not alone! If you can relate to any of these situations, this blog might be for you. And if you are a mother and can’t relate to these situations, you’re a liar.


Nap Time Flights

We just had, by far, the worst kid travel experience we have ever had. Lucky for you all! When we left my parent’s house we actually made good time with our shuttle to the airport and got to the gate with no issues and with plenty of time to spare. We had passed a Starbucks on the …

Wonder Gardens

When you’re vacationing in Florida there is no shortage of recommendations for fun places to visit. “Go to the Everglades Wonder Gardens!” my Mom’s friend Jan says. “It’ll be great!” says Jan. And great it was! We got to see snakes, feed alligators, climb in a banyan tree, talk to parrots, hand feed flamingoes. It was …

Baby Bracelet

I decided to try my hand at this whole vacation thing one more time. Or, as a very wise person once told me, when you’re taking your kids it’s a family trip, there’s nothing vacation-like about it. So true. We loaded up the four kids and hopped on a flight to Florida to see my …

About Me

I’m just a small town girl…living in a lonely world. Born and raised 2 hours west of south Detroit. Oh wait…I think that’s a song. For real, though, I am a small town girl. And the sometimes-happy mother of 4 children that are super young. I have one adoring husband that worships the ground I walk on. Probably because I do all of his laundry. I’m not sure what the qualifications for being a good mother are, but I definitely don’t possess them. No joke, as I write this, there is a baby crying 2 feet away and my husband and I are both pretending like we don’t hear him, hoping the other one will pick him up. I’m just happy our house is still standing. And – hand to God – part of that fell over once and we had to get it fixed. Mediocre is my middle name. But life doesn’t give out trophies anyways. Welcome to the blog. You’re in good company.

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